Christian recording artist Appointed launches The Spin Awards Magazine

The SPIN AWARDS Magazine, a much awaited publication debuted this year with gospel music’s beloved sister trio group, Dove award winning recording artist, the Virtue Girls along with Elder Howard Young, co-founder of  Stellar Award winning radio station, Yes Lord Radio as the cover lead in stories.

The SPIN AWARDS Magazine gives readers an inside look into the lives and drive of those who “spin” the gospel message on the radio.  “These spinners are the “officials of gospel music” that unite the creators of the music and the listeners of the music together in blissful music matrimony. They don’t quite make us one like in marriage, marriage, but they definitely are responsible for a music union and I want to honor that,” quips Appointed.

The magazine’s style is simple but yet invites readers to experience sections that include special feature stories about the gospel radio industry, Christian recording artist, compelling articles from authors Fay Posley and Tomika Reid as well as radio Top Ten charts and faith building tools. One of the goals of the SPIN AWARDS Magazine is to celebrate the diversity and the richness that can be found in the various genres of Christian as presented by those in the Christian music radio industry. Expect to find an array of content that will not only entertain you but grow your faith. Visit  The SPIN AWARDS Magazine online @

About The SPIN AWARDS Magazine
The SPIN AWARDS Magazine is a monthly publication that was created to honor those who spin the gospel message including Christian radio stations, radio station owners, radio personalities, DJ’s and radio announcers. The publication will also highlight other things that pertain to those who make gospel music happen.